The representatives, one male and one female, as a symbol of equality will represent the movement in their region or foreign country and coordinate with collaborators.

If they think it is necessary, they can coordinate with collaborators of their own region or foreign country who wish to collaborate with them and not those who decide to make their own contribution by choice.

It is preferable that there is synergy between representatives and collaborators.

What are the tasks of the representatives and collaborators?

  • Publicize the initiative on the various social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or TV;
  • Support and guide anyone who wants to carry out an event in the region in which they reside;
  • Contact associations, groups, people, technological companies and educational institutions of every order and degree that can create petals in their region or foreign country of residence;
  • If the representative or collaborator wants to create an event or more petals, an article, video, materials or images concerning the initiative or the petals, they have all the freedom to do so.

It is necessary that the representatives and collaborators are easily reachable by e-mail from anyone who wants to organize an event or ask for help and/or from the Rosadigitale team.

Those who do not respond to emails received within three working days or have a non-working e-mail address will be automatically deleted from the contact and collaborators section.

If the e-mail address stops working please immediately contact Rosadigitale at: to communicate a new e-mail address to be inserted in the contact and collaborators section.

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