Rosadigitale week is a manifestation for gender equal opportunities in the digital and information technology fields with the aim to break down the inequalities between men and women.

Organized by the movement Rosadigitale, now on its third edition, will take place throughout Italy and abroad, from the 2nd to 12th, March 2018, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day.

The initiative, which in 2017, boasted more than 450 events throughout Italy, was born as an initiatory journey to raise people’s awareness of equal opportunities in technology.

In the events, called rose petals, some will tell stories and give examples of great informatics who have contributed and/or are still actively contributing to make the society more innovative. Some events will be free and others paid and can be attended online and live, such as: workshops, talks, seminars, conferences, and online projects.

Appointments, preferably aimed at all, without gender distinctions, will be organized autonomously by associations, people, companies and educational institutions of all levels, covering every IT sector: programming, web marketing, robotics, electronics, graphic and web design, online journalism, digital painting, coding, digital photography and many other digital fields.

Inform yourself and learn for an increasingly digital future … stay alert! keep an eye on the map and participate in the petals that you prefer!

If, however, you intend to organize an event, follow the procedures described here and … go for it!

But it does not end here …

The reference points in all Italian regions and foreign countries are the representatives, one male and one female as a symbol of equal opportunities and their collaborators:

they will support anyone who wants to organize some petals in their own region or foreign country of residence;

they will contact associations, groups, people, technological companies and educational institutions of every order and degree that can carry out events in the region or foreign country in which they reside;

advertise the initiative with social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or TV.
And finally … they will be free to organize some petals, create articles, videos and materials regarding the event and the events.

If you need help organizing a petal in your region or foreign country … whistle the representatives or their collaborators! but first … read the instructions here!

If, on the other hand, you would like to save your region or foreign country from the catastrophe of inequality, become a super hero and candidate yourself for one of these roles! There is always a little good inside us!

Lets make a space for the media partners and sponsors … don’t be selfish!

Media partners are responsible for:

divulging the initiative with social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or TV;

Contact newspapers, blogs, radio or TV that can spread the word of this initiative;

create articles, videos, materials or images regarding the event or events.

Start to rock out… and bounce the news as loud as you can!

boing … boing … the materials to be disclosed find them here!

Now it’s the turn of the sponsors who can:

provide space for the petals to be held in their region or foreign country;

create gadgets for participants at some events selected by the sponsor;

donate funds to the organizers of some petals chosen by the sponsor.

The sponsors should contact the event organizers directly by email included in the map of the petal(s).

candidates yourself as a media partner or sponsor and leave your mark!

Lets reflect for a moment…