Rosadigitale week is a manifestation for gender equal opportunities in the digital and information technology that aims to break down inequalities between men and women.

Organized by the non-profit movement Rosadigitalenow on its fifth edition, will take place throughout Italy and abroad, from March 2nd March to 30th Aprile, 2020, in occasion of the International Women’s Day.

The initiative, born as an initiatory journey to sensitize people to gender equality in the technological field, is composed of events, called petals, organized autonomously by associations, groups, people, schools of all levels, universities and companies that are involved in the different areas of technology.

The event, in 2019, boasted more than 1,311 events spread throughout Italy and in some foreign countries, such as: USA, Canada, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria, Spain and many others and has been seen the participation of many great exponents of the world of technology.

During the events, which take place throughout the month of March, we can tell/share stories and examples of great women who have made a difference in the world of technology and who have contributed and/or who are still actively cooperating with society, making it more innovative.

The petals, preferably free, can be carried out online and/or live and must be of these types:

  • Workshops, laboratories and courses;
  • Talks, seminars and conferences;
  • Projects.

The appointments, possibly addressed to all, without distinction of gender, can be of any technological sector, for example: programming, web marketing, robotics, electronics, graphic and web design, online journalism, digital painting, coding, digital photography and everything that is part of technology.

Formatted for an increasingly digital future… stay alert! keep an eye on the map and participate in the petals that you prefer!

If, however, you intend to organize an event, follow the procedures described here and … go for it!

The petals will take place from March 2nd to the 30th April. If you do not have the possibility to organize for the indicated date, do not worry … the map will include all events that will take place from the 1st March to the 30st of April 2020.

But it does not end here …

The points of reference in all the Italian regions and foreign countries are the representatives, one male and one female as a symbol of equal gender opportunity and their collaborators who have the task of:

  • supporting anyone who wants to organize petals in their own region or foreign country of residence;
  • Contact associations, groups, people, technological companies and educational institutions of every order and degree that can carry out events in the region or foreign country in which they reside;
  • Publicize the initiative with social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or TV.

And finally … they will be free to organize petals, create articles, videos and materials regarding the events.

If you need help organizing a petal in your region or foreign country … whistle the representatives and/or their collaborators! But first … read the instructions here!

If, on the other hand, you would like to save your region or foreign country from the catastrophe of inequality, become super heroes and…  candidate yourself for one of these roles! There is always a little good inside us… trust in your person!

Let’s make a space for the media partners … don’t be selfish … basically, the more the better it is!

The media partners are responsible for:

  • Disseminate the initiative with social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or TV;
  • Contact journalistic publications, blogs, radio or TV that can disseminate the initiative;
  • Create articles, videos, materials or images regarding the event or events.

Start to unleash… and bounce the news as far as you can!

boing … boing … the materials to be disclosed find them here!

candidates yourself as a media partner and… leave your mark!

But first, a moment of reflection…

Why participate?

There are countless examples of gender discrimination that surround our society.

  • “The conquest is information” is Rosadigitale’s motto. It is not the woman nor the man, but the knowledge, the correct information, the skills and the creativity that makes a person be selected in a company. The characteristics should be considered, not the sex.
  • Boys are immediately introduced to technology through: tablets, smartphones, PCs, on the other hand, there are little girls, who receive dolls, princess crowns, kitchens, pots … parents, would it not be better to give both PCs and dolls to your children and give them the right to experiment?
  • Women often get paid less than men in companies.

These are just some of the many examples of inequality. 

Boys, girls, men, women, parents, teachers and entrepreneurs, do not you think it is time to train towards the future and to say enough to discrimination?>

Turn on the engines and turn up the volume … we must lead and be heard!!!!!!