Do you have a blog, a website, a newspaper that deals with technology? or a company, a co-working, school, association, organization or foundation? If you have one of the things listed above, raise your hand and fill out the form! 

What are the tasks of the Media Partners? 

  • publicize the initiative with social networks, newspapers, blogs, radio or TV;
  • create articles, videos, materials or images concerning the event or its petals;
  • contact newspapers, blogs, radio or TV that can divulge the initiative.

What are the tasks of the Sponsors?

  • offer space for the petals that will be held in their Region or foreign country;
  • create gadgets for participants in some events selected by the sponsor;
  • donate funds to organizers of petals chosen by the sponsor.

The sponsors should contact the event organizers directly by email of the petals included in the map.



Become a Media partner or sponsor

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